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Iran hosts 882,000 refugees with minimal world support: UNHCR

Tehran, March 3, IRNA – With a population of over 882,000 refugees, the Islamic Republic of Iran hosts one of the largest refugee population in the world.

The Government of Iran with a minimal support from the international community tries its best to provide the basic needs of these refugees. However with the dramatic rise in living expenses, including a 30% rise in health treatment tariffs, refugees living far from home struggle every day to send their children to school, to access timely health care and to earn a living to support their livelihood.

That is why UNHCR is extremely grateful to donor country contributions that support protection activities for refugees. Recently a 2,000,000 Euro donation by the German Government will help provide refugees with improved access to secondary health care through the Health Insurance scheme for vulnerable refugees and provide a chance for better living conditions by means of improved vocational skills for Afghan refugees.

UNHCR is providing life saving health assistance to 220,200 vulnerable refugees living in Iran including 2,000 of whom suffer from special diseases, a news release issued by the United Nations refugees agency announced Monday.

The German contribution, provides 1,500 refugee men and women living in the 13

most refugee populated provinces with vocational and business trainings based on the most required skills in the labor markets of Iran and Afghanistan. Mainly sewing classes, welding and plumbing courses also cover UNHCR’s projects which support the establishment of small home-based businesses for the eager refugee men and women.

The German donation will thus contribute to the two important fields of health and livelihoods which fall within the overall framework of the Solutions Strategy for Afghan refugees building community empowerment and self-reliance with the aim of helping refugees rebuild their homeland upon voluntary repatriation


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